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These magazines feature a variety of spanking caning models like Sue Ellis, Jenny, Beny, Lorraine Ansell, Lucy Bailey of the English Mansion, KaraJayne, Jean Bradley of Yorkshire Spanking, Jenny, Sam Johnson, Brigella of Cheeky Spanking, Miss Morgan, Therese, Yvonne,  Head Mistress Teresa May, Natasha, Dublin O'Brien from Spanking The Cheeky Girls, Sara, Georgie Simpson, Lesley Sey, Brandi Bailey, Kelly Hearn, Lesley Sey, Zoe-Rose, Rhonda, Paula Meadows, Lynn Paula Russell, Anne Proto, Vida Garman, JoJo, Rebekah Jordan, Amber Scott, Trixie, and many more British Vintage spanking modes all spanked strapped and caned on their bare bottoms for your pleasure.

Many issues contain preview picture stills taken from hard spanking and caning punishment videos of  

Harrison Marks
Kane International
Spanking Videos

along with interviews with the

Kane Girls

who tell what it is like to be a spanking model and have their bare bottoms spanked and caned for real and their love of the spanking scene


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Harrison Marks Kane Magazine

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